Purple Glasses

PURPLE GLASSES is a New York-based production company specializing in narrative feature films, television projects and plays that feature strong female characters. 

We seek to nurture female writers, directors and producers and develop projects with a focus on female character driven stories.


Fourteen-year-old Lucy Katz living with autism adjusting to mainstream high school is suddenly faced with cataclysmic change when she and her identical twin sister become the subject of a genetic research study that could forever change Lucy.
Visit Lucy in the Sky on IMDB for more info. 

Adapted from Kathryn Erskine’s award-winning YA novel. In Caitlin’s world, everything is black or white. Things are good or bad. Anything in between is confusing. That’s the stuff Caitlin’s older brother, Devon, has always explained. But now Devon’s dead and Dad is no help at all. Caitlin wants to find closure. But in her search, Caitlin discovers that not everything is black and white—the world is full of colors—messy and beautiful.
*Mentored by Shinho Lee


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